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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CSPS): Internships 2024 Apply Online

At the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, we believe in nurturing young talent and providing a platform for individuals to gain practical experience in their respective fields. Our internship program is designed to offer aspiring professionals an opportunity to work alongside seasoned experts in the field of policing, policy development, and public administration. Interns will be exposed to a diverse range of projects and initiatives, contributing to the CSPS's mission of promoting a responsive and accountable police service.

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  • Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth research on policing policies, community engagement strategies, and related topics. Analyze data and provide insights to support evidence-based decision-making.
  • Administrative Support: Assist in various administrative tasks, including document preparation, scheduling meetings, and organizing events.
  • Policy Development: Contribute to the development and review of policies that aim to improve police-community relations and enhance the efficiency of law enforcement agencies.
  • Public Engagement: Collaborate on initiatives to engage the public, fostering communication between the community and the police service.
  • Project Management: Participate in the planning, execution, and monitoring of projects aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of policing services.
  • Currently enrolled in a relevant undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  • Strong research and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Passion for public service and community development.
  • Eagerness to learn and contribute to meaningful projects.
Job Benefits
  • Professional Development: Gain valuable hands-on experience working with professionals in the field of policing, policy development, and public administration. Develop practical skills that will enhance your academic knowledge and future career prospects.
  • Mentorship: Receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service. Benefit from their insights, advice, and industry knowledge as you navigate through your internship.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse network of professionals, both within the CSPS and potentially through engagements with external stakeholders. Build relationships that may prove beneficial for your future career.
  • Exposure to Policymaking: Contribute to the development and review of policies that shape the landscape of policing in South Africa. Gain a deep understanding of the policymaking process and its impact on law enforcement and community relations.
  • Community Impact: Be part of initiatives that aim to improve police-community relations and enhance the overall effectiveness of law enforcement agencies. Witness the positive impact of your work on communities and public safety.
  • Training Opportunities: Participate in training sessions and workshops tailored to enhance your professional skills. Acquire new knowledge and competencies that will be valuable in your academic and professional journey.
  • Flexible Work Environment: Experience a flexible and supportive work environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Stipend/Allowance: Receive a stipend or allowance to help cover basic expenses during the internship period. Details of financial support will be communicated to successful candidates.
  • Career Guidance: Benefit from insights into potential career paths within the field of policing, public administration, and related sectors. Receive advice on career planning and development from experienced professionals.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Upon successful completion of the internship, interns may receive a letter of recommendation from the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, acknowledging their contributions and achievements during their time with the organization.
  1. Prepare Your Documents:
    • Resume: Include a comprehensive resume outlining your educational background, relevant coursework, work experience (if any), and any skills that are pertinent to the internship.
    • Cover Letter: Draft a cover letter expressing your interest in the internship position, highlighting why you are a suitable candidate, and detailing how your skills and aspirations align with the mission of the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service.
    • Academic Transcripts: Provide copies of your academic transcripts to showcase your educational achievements.
  2. Compose an Email:
    • Subject Line: Clearly state "Internship Application - CSPS" in the subject line of your email.
    • Body of Email: Introduce yourself briefly, express your enthusiasm for the internship opportunity, and mention the attached documents.
  3. Attach Your Documents:
    • Attach your resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts to the email. Ensure that the documents are in a standard format (PDF is preferred).
  4. Contact Information:
    • Include your full name, phone number, and email address in the body of the email. This information will be used for any follow-up communication.
  5. Email Address:
    • Send your application. Make sure to use the designated email address provided for applications to ensure proper processing.
  6. Application Deadline:
    • Be mindful of the application deadline. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered.
  7. Confirmation of Receipt:
    • Upon submitting your application, you should receive an automated confirmation email acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive confirmation within a reasonable timeframe, consider following up to ensure your application was received.
Employment Type
Duration of employment
3 Months
Job Location
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0002, South Africa
Working Hours
Date posted
May 7, 2024
Valid through
February 5, 2028
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