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Jacaranda FM: News Internships 2024 Apply Here

The News Internship at Jacaranda FM provides aspiring journalists and news enthusiasts with a hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of radio news reporting. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, interns will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and develop essential skills in various aspects of news production, journalism, and broadcasting.

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  • Assisting in researching, writing, and editing news stories for broadcast.
  • Conducting interviews and gathering information from various sources.
  • Collaborating with the news team to develop compelling content for different platforms.
  • Assisting in the production of news segments and programs.
  • Contributing innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to enhance news coverage.
  • Shadowing experienced journalists and learning about the day-to-day operations of a newsroom.
  • Participating in editorial meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Adhering to journalistic standards and ethics in all tasks.
  • Currently enrolled in or recent graduate of a journalism, communications, or related program.
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Passionate about news, current events, and storytelling.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficiency in researching and fact-checking.
  • Knowledge of media laws, ethics, and principles of journalism is a plus.
  • Previous experience in journalism or media is advantageous but not mandatory.
Job Benefits
  • Hands-On Experience: Gain practical, real-world experience in a fast-paced newsroom environment, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to actual news production.
  • Mentorship and Learning Opportunities: Work closely with seasoned professionals and journalists who provide guidance, mentorship, and valuable insights into the field of journalism and broadcasting.
  • Portfolio Development: Build a diverse portfolio of work samples, including written articles, news segments, and contributions to broadcasted content, which can be invaluable for future job applications or academic pursuits.
  • Networking: Establish connections within the media industry and forge relationships with professionals that may open doors to potential job opportunities or collaborations in the future.
  • Skill Development: Enhance writing, research, interviewing, and reporting skills essential for a successful career in journalism or media-related fields.
  • Exposure to Multifaceted Roles: Gain exposure to various aspects of news production, such as content creation, story development, editing, and broadcast techniques.
  • Potential Academic Credit: In some cases, the internship may fulfill academic credit requirements, as per the policies of the intern's educational institution.
  • Contribution to Meaningful Work: Contribute to informing and engaging audiences by being part of the process that delivers important news and information to the public.
  • Professional Development: Acquire a deeper understanding of media laws, ethical standards, and the principles of journalism through practical application and exposure to real newsroom scenarios.
  • Opportunity for Innovation: Bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and creativity to news coverage, contributing to the evolution and improvement of content delivery.
  • Potential Career Pathway: Gain insights into potential career paths within the news and media industry, providing clarity and direction for future endeavors.
  1. Prepare Application Materials: Gather your resume, a well-crafted cover letter expressing your interest in the internship, and any relevant samples of your journalistic or writing work (if available).
  2. Review Requirements: Carefully review the internship description and qualifications to ensure your skills and background align with the position.
  3. Compose Your Application:
    • Tailor your resume to highlight relevant experiences, coursework, or skills related to journalism, communications, or media.
    • Craft a compelling cover letter that showcases your passion for news, storytelling abilities, and why you're interested in interning at Jacaranda FM specifically.
    • Include any writing samples or projects that demonstrate your proficiency in journalism or related areas.
  4. Submit Application:
    • Visit the Jacaranda FM website or follow the specific application instructions provided in the internship posting.
    • Send your application materials via the specified email address or online submission portal.
    • Ensure your subject line clearly states "News Internship Application" to facilitate proper identification of your submission.
  5. Follow-Up (if necessary): If you haven’t received a confirmation of receipt within a reasonable timeframe, consider sending a polite follow-up email to confirm that your application was received.
  6. Prepare for Interviews (if shortlisted): If selected for further consideration, prepare for potential interviews. Research the company, be ready to discuss your experiences, and articulate your interest in the internship opportunity.
  7. Stay Engaged: Even if not selected, maintain a professional approach. Keep an eye on future opportunities at Jacaranda FM or elsewhere in the industry. Networking and staying engaged can lead to future openings or connections.
Employment Type
Duration of employment
3 Months
Broadcast Media Production and Distribution
Job Location
Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, Midrand, Gauteng, 1685, South Africa
Working Hours
Date posted
May 21, 2024
Valid through
January 5, 2028
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