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Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) Internships Latest Opportunities 2024 / 2025

We are excited to announce internship opportunities at MQA for talented and motivated individuals looking to kickstart their careers in the mining sector. The MQA Internship Program offers a unique chance to gain hands-on experience, develop essential skills, and contribute to the growth of the mining industry. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, participate in meaningful projects, and enhance their understanding of the mining qualifications landscape.

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  • Collaboration and Learning: Engage with experienced professionals in the field, working collaboratively on projects to deepen your understanding of the mining industry.
  • Research and Analysis: Conduct research on mining qualifications, industry trends, and best practices to contribute valuable insights to ongoing projects.
  • Administrative Support: Provide administrative assistance to various teams, ensuring smooth operations and efficient project delivery.
  • Training and Development: Participate in training sessions and workshops to enhance technical skills and industry knowledge.
  • Project Participation: Actively contribute to real-world projects, applying theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.
  • Documentation: Prepare reports, presentations, and documentation to communicate findings and recommendations effectively.
  • Education: Currently enrolled in a relevant degree program in mining engineering, geology, metallurgy, or related fields.
  • Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communication abilities, and a passion for the mining industry.
  • Initiative: Proactive mindset with the ability to take initiative and contribute ideas to the team.
  • Team Player: Collaborative attitude and the ability to work effectively within a diverse team.
  • Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to a dynamic work environment and learn quickly.
Job Benefits
  1. Professional Development:
    • Gain hands-on experience in the mining industry, working on real projects that contribute to your professional growth.
    • Access training sessions, workshops, and mentorship opportunities from experienced professionals.
  2. Networking Opportunities:
    • Build valuable connections within the mining sector through interactions with industry experts, colleagues, and other interns.
    • Attend industry events, conferences, and seminars to expand your network.
  3. Skill Enhancement:
    • Develop and enhance technical skills in mining engineering, geology, metallurgy, and related fields.
    • Strengthen soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability.
  4. Exposure to Industry Trends:
    • Stay updated on the latest developments, technologies, and trends within the mining qualifications landscape.
    • Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that shape the mining industry.
  5. Meaningful Projects:
    • Contribute to projects that have a real impact on the mining industry and play a role in shaping its future.
    • Experience the satisfaction of seeing your contributions translate into tangible outcomes.
  6. Career Guidance:
    • Receive guidance and advice on career paths within the mining industry.
    • Explore potential career opportunities and paths based on your interests and strengths.
  7. Inclusive and Collaborative Culture:
    • Be part of a diverse and inclusive work environment that values collaboration and teamwork.
    • Engage in a supportive culture that encourages open communication and idea-sharing.
  8. Flexible Work Environment:
    • Experience a dynamic and flexible work environment that allows you to adapt to different tasks and challenges.
    • Work in an organization that values work-life balance and well-being.
  9. Performance Recognition:
    • Receive recognition for your contributions and achievements during the internship.
    • Showcase your skills and accomplishments through internal and external channels.
  10. Future Employment Opportunities:
    • Gain a competitive edge for future job opportunities within the mining industry.
    • Some interns may be considered for full-time positions based on performance and organizational needs.
  1. Prepare Your Documents:
    • Update your resume, ensuring it includes relevant academic achievements, skills, and any previous work or internship experiences.
    • Draft a well-crafted cover letter expressing your interest in the MQA Internship Program. Highlight your passion for the mining industry, relevant skills, and what you hope to gain from the internship.
  2. Compile Academic Transcripts:
    • Gather copies of your academic transcripts, showcasing your educational background and achievements in relevant courses.
  3. Visit the MQA Careers Page:
    • Navigate to the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) official website or careers page to find information about the internship program and application process.
  4. Review Eligibility Criteria:
    • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the internship program description. Check for any specific requirements or preferences mentioned by MQA.
  5. Submit Application Online:
    • Follow the instructions provided on the MQA website to submit your application online. Look for a designated application portal or email address where you can send your documents.
  6. Attach Required Documents:
    • Attach your updated resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts as part of the online application process. Ensure that all required documents are complete and accurate.
  7. Double-Check Information:
    • Review your application to ensure all information is accurate and complete before submission. Check for any specific instructions provided by MQA regarding the application process.
  8. Submit Before the Deadline:
    • Ensure that your application is submitted before the specified deadline. Late applications may not be considered.
  9. Confirmation Email:
    • After submitting your application, you may receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt. Keep this email for your records.
  10. Wait for Communication:
    • Await further communication from the MQA regarding the status of your application. Be patient during the evaluation process.
  11. Prepare for Interviews (if applicable):
    • If shortlisted, be prepared for interviews or additional assessments as part of the selection process. Familiarize yourself with MQA's values, goals, and the mining industry.
  12. Express Your Enthusiasm:
    • During any interviews or interactions, express your enthusiasm for the internship opportunity and your eagerness to contribute to the mining industry.
Employment Type
Duration of employment
3 Months
IT Services and IT Consulting
Job Location
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2000, South Africa
Working Hours
Date posted
May 25, 2024
Valid through
January 15, 2028
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